Five Simple Ways to Care for Your Physical, Spiritual, and Emotional Health

It is easy to forget that God created us with specific human needs that, if they are not met, will hinder our spiritual growth and hurt our physical and emotional health. I think that most of us know we need other people in our lives, that we need food and water, rest, work, and time to play as well. Even though I am well aware of all these needs, I find myself neglecting any one of these areas at some point.
Today, I'm going to talk about five simple ways we can care for our physical, spiritual, and emotional health. Because we are tripartite people (we are made up of mind, body and spirit), when we care for our physical health, it also aids our spiritual and emotional health. Likewise, when we care for our emotional and spiritual health, it helps our physical health. All three aspects of ourselves are connected.

Feel free to make your own list of ways you find helpful to care for all three parts of
your "self" since we are all a little bit different, but these five ways will get you
1. Get plenty of water. I am currently participating in a health challenge and the
doctor (Dr. Livingood) who is leading it reminds us to take small sips many times
throughout the day so the body can actually absorb the water (versus drinking full
glasses of water in one sitting). He also recommends putting sliced cucumbers, a few sprigs of peppermint, and even some slices of fresh ginger along with lemon slices into a pitcher (or insulated glass bottle) of water to make it taste refreshing.
2. Eat whole foods 80% of the time. When we eat packaged, processed foods, we are eating mostly toxic chemicals, not real food. Shop the perimeter of the store for
whole meats (not deli meats), fresh fruits and vegetables - keep some fruits and
vegetables washed and out on the counter to make it easier to eat them throughout
the day. Your body and your brain will thank you - a lot of times inflammation comes
from toxins overloading your system and can really impact your mood as well as your physical health.
3. Get sleep. If you are able to get into a night time ritual before hitting the sack at a
reasonable hour, it will help your body and brain get into a better sleep rhythm. Brush your teeth, put on jammies, read a book and avoid all screens (t.v., computer, phone) 30 minutes before lights out. Going through the same bed time ritual each night signals your brain and body to prepare to release the sleep hormones that help you sleep.
4. Start each morning with some quiet time with God. Pick a book of the Bible and
read one chapter each day or get a topical devotional that will give you several
different Scriptural passages to read and consider. Pray out loud, to yourself, or in a
journal. When you get your mind focused on God before getting busy with your day, it soothes your soul, calms your brainwaves, and gets your focus where it should be, on God (versus focusing on the storms and circumstances of life).
5. Do something creative, with your hands. The act of using both your brain and your hands is good for synchronizing both hemispheres of your brain. It is good for your fine motor skills, your balance, and will lower stress levels, thus cortisol levels. It could be cooking a new recipe, making a new page in your art journal, coloring a page, gardening, canning (your food from the garden), painting, or any number of creative projects.

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