Starve Anxiety by Using Your Creativity

Anxiety is like a sneaky little monster that grabs hold of your thoughts and your feelings by inserting little doses of bad news.  Because there is always plenty of bad news to hear, read, and watch on a variety of media platforms, we have to be intentional about countering all this negative input with positivity and truth.  

One of the best ways to starve the anxiety monster is to use your creativity.  When you are engaging your mind and your body (hands, eyes, . . .) in creating something, all the negative thoughts have to take a back seat.  

Here are several ways to engage your creativity:

  1. Create a new dish to eat - find a new recipe or tinker with a recipe you already have and make it for an upcoming meal. 
  2. Bake bread from scratch
  3. Paint with watercolors or acrylics
  4. Color with crayons
  5. Sculpt something with clay
  6. Plan out your garden, order seeds, prepare your soil for the next growing season
  7. Make a craft - a door-hanger, a wreath, home decor pieces, etc.
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