Dear Caring Creative,

Are you feeling a little tired of caring for everyone around you to the point where you’ve neglected your creative side?  

Are you yearning to learn how to paint, to make beautiful art that expresses the depths of your soul?  

Maybe you’ve been working hard for many years supporting and nurturing other people but not yourself.  

Maybe you just didn’t think you were artistic enough to paint. 

I understand from both a personal and professional perspective what it is like to know you are creative but to feel like you need to set it aside while you tend to more “important things”.  

I have been a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist who specializes in Expressive Arts Therapy for 25 years.  All those years I was helping others tap into their creative side to rediscover their authentic self, help them heal, and find joy again, but I was saying “no” to myself. 

I didn’t think I had enough time or space to pull out all the art supplies and paint.  There were clients to help, a household to run, children to parent, and bills to pay so making the time to create and paint seemed like a luxury I couldn’t afford.  

As I neared my 50th birthday, I realized that I was neglecting a huge part of who I am.  I knew that the time was now to start painting and making art that I liked.  Art that was fun and expressive. Art that made me smile and feel confident that I could learn to paint in a way that I liked.  

I took several painting courses, participated in a local arts and crafts show, and started posting pictures of my paintings.  I was so pleased when people began to take notice and even wanted to purchase some of my paintings. I felt joyful while creating art and I knew others were enjoying the paintings I made for them.  It was a win-win.

How about you? Can you imagine what it would feel like to give yourself permission to create, to learn to paint in a way that brings joy to you and others around you?

  • What if you could learn new ways to paint in as little as one hour a week?  

  • What if having accountability to an instructor and other like-minded women was just the right encouragement you need to bring out your inner artist?  

  • Imagine feeling confident in your creativity again and enjoying the peace that comes from using one of your gifts that has been neglected for a while.  

  • Are you ready?  Ready to experience the soothing and joy-producing effects of painting

  • Ready to learn which brushes, paints, and surfaces to use without breaking the bank? 

  • Are you ready to learn simple brush strokes, easy paint mixing, and step-by-step paintings that will delight you?  

You can give priority to your creative self with the help of a caring guide who will teach and encourage you to paint (in as little as one hour a week!)

  • You will experience the meditative and healing experience that naturally comes with painting.

  • You will learn how to paint things you can hang on your wall, give as a gift, or sell to someone.

  • You will feel more content and confident in all areas of your life as you watch your painting skill level increase.  

  • You will feel a sense of freedom to be who God created you to be once you are giving yourself permission to tap into your creative gift.  

  • You will see new possibilities emerge in your emotional, spiritual, physical and financial life as you develop your creative gift.

What others say . . .

I have known Sherry as a colleague for quite a few years and found her to be a tremendous coach, an amazing artist, empathetic counselor and overall inspiration to people everywhere. Knowing Sherry will mean an opportunity to grow in every area of your life!
Sam Brumit
Marriage and Family Therapist
Sherry is so positive and brings hope to your day! You feel like you’ve know her all your life! Look forward to her encouragement and compassion! Sherry’s Heart is always calming and cares! I thank God every day for finding her!
Tonya S.
I love that Sherry's middle name is Joy! She is so positive and full of joy and wants to share that joy with others! Sherry is very creative, and looks for and sees beauty in her every day life. Sherry is courageous, not afraid to try new things! She is an encourager, and would love for all of us to see the beauty in our every day lives!
Debbie Pedersen

This Program is for you if . . .

  • You are ready to make time and space for your inner artist to blossom (only one hour per week!)

  • You are ready to have caring guidance and accountability while you learn to paint in a way that is fun, refreshing, and expressive

  • You are ready to decrease your stress levels and increase your emotional well-being

  • You are ready to get to know more about yourself and how to express yourself through colors, shapes, and images that convey your unique perspective 

  • You want to raise your confidence and increase your artistic skills so you can create paintings you love for yourself and for others

  • You want to stop procrastinating or trying to learn all this by yourself and finally do it

  • You want to feel more connected to yourself, to God, and to other like-minded women

This 8 Week Painting with Purpose Program will walk you through all the steps needed to learn how to create joy and passion with “paint therapy”.

There will be 8 modules delivered over 8 weeks which will contain video tutorials about:

Brush Strokes

Paint Mixing

Practicing Images

Changing Mindsets

Free yourself to paint more consistently (without guilt)

Step-by-Step Tutorials

Teaching you three full paintings

Healthy Habits

How to maintain your art practice

In addition to the above video tutorials there will be:

  • Downloadable supplies lists with specific paints, surfaces, brushes with links to purchase, and   resources will be provided


  • Reference photographs you can use to inspire your paintings


  • Opportunities for feedback about your paintings


  • Access to the private, closed Painting with Purpose FaceBook group with like-minded women for additional questions and support 

One module will be delivered each week for 8 weeks.  During that time you will have access to me in the group to ask questions, get encouragement, and to interact with the other ladies about your painting and about life.  

Let’s get you painting and feeling good!



make sure to click “Return to Merchant” button after checkout.

This is the beta version of the 8 week “Painting with Purpose” Program. Because this is a beta version (the very first version of this program) I am offering it for $297 and there are only 7 spots at this price.  Please be sure to sign up now because the price will be going up to $397 the next time I offer this program. 

*BONUS for Beta Participants: 

Those registered for this beta version of Painting with Purpose, will receive a bonus 30-minute zoom call with me where you can ask questions (Value $197), get feedback on your paintings, or deal with mindset issues that might have been keeping you from giving yourself permission to paint.

Still have a few questions? Check out these FAQs.

 A: You will have access to all the materials and the group for 6 months.

A: Yes!  This is the perfect program for new painters.

A: This will be better, more in depth, and will teach you how to tap into your own images to paint your own expressive art in addition to the step-by-step paintings.

A: We will schedule your call for one of the first two weeks of the program to help you get the most out of this course.

A: No, even though Sherry Joy Collier is a therapist, because this is an online program you will need to utilize a licensed therapist in your local area if you need more assistance with mental health.

Only 7 spots are available. Join us!



make sure to click “Return to Merchant” button after checkout.

This is the beta version of the 8 week “Painting with Purpose” Program. Because this is a beta version (the very first version of this program) I am offering it for $297 and there are only 7 spots at this price.  Please be sure to sign up now because the price will be going up to $397 the next time I offer this program.