Hi There!

My name is Sherry Joy Collier and I help Christian women achieve emotional and spiritual victory in their unique situations.  Life, relationships, career, or business . . . all of these dimensions are improved when you gain emotional resilience and spiritual stability in God’s Word and Promises. 

 For over 20 years, I provided counseling services to individuals, couples, children, and families in my private practice in Southern California.  I specialized in working with women, couples, families and with children using a combination of Cognitive Therapy, Expressive Arts Therapy, and Biblical Counseling.

When my family decided to move out of state, I sold my counseling practice and now live in East Tennessee.  I am thrilled to offer one-to-one online coaching/consulting for Christian women wanting to heal, grow, and thrive.

Moving to Tennessee has also given me a unique opportunity to teach groups online about how to use art to de-stress, spark creativity, grow closer to God and to thrive.

In addition to being a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, I also have extensive experience as an Expressive Arts Therapist.  Over the years I have taught women and other therapists to use expressive art to heal negative thought patterns and grow new, more positive thought patterns.  

Some of the workshops and groups I have taught include teaching caring professionals and therapists how to incorporate art into their own “self-care” as a way to prevent burnout.  I have found that women of all walks of life respond well to learning some simple, creative tools to unwind, express their unique “language” through colors, shapes, and images.  

It has been a fun and refreshing season in my own life as I have been spending more time fine-tuning my own art-making.  I find that I particularly enjoy painting with acrylics and keeping an art journal.